Paper Bags

Bespoke luxury carrier paper bags with your own design
Order quantity from 200 bags
Your artwork, your logo, your design

Printed Tissue Papers

Bespoke wrapping & packaging papers with your logos and artwork design

Promotional Paper Products

Personalized notebooks, sticky notes and scratch pads, organizers...etc with your logo or your artwork...

Branded Rigid Boxes

Bespoke rigid cardboard boxes with your own design & logo


Luxury Paper/Board Packaging and First Impression

It’s been said that customers actually form an impression of a brand within the first seven seconds from the moment they see it, and what do they see first? The packaging.

Every year 95% of new products are said to fail due to the fact most customers make their decision based on a first look. If they see another product that has a better presentation, they will more likely choose that one over another product that has bland outer packaging – it makes sense really and we have probably all been in this scenario and done the exact same thing.

To us, the packaging is more than just a box, it’s a visual polish that goes that extra mile to add a touch of sophistication, an eye-catching display to attract the consumer. It should be easy to open with clear instructions, it should protect the product inside and be made to fit the product perfectly, and it should be eco-friendly due to being usually made from cardboard, corrugated cardboard or different papers.

Packaging is a collection of techniques and processes that goes beyond just an ordinary box, it’s all about re-thinking the package and turning it into a piece of art.

You might want to make the perfect first impression for your products in the market to attract customers or you might be an artist, crafter or an enthusiast of your hobby, who sells online and want to create a bond between your customer and yourself when they have your box in their hands. Seeing and opening that box should give the customer the feeling you want your product gives them.
In either case, the packaging is your means to introduce yourself and your product. It is unique and it is about you. And we think that this makes boxes, bags and wrapping papers crucial to your business.

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