Who we are...

We are a business area of UK-based Aurora Interior Design and Trade, founded in Kent and focusing on paper sales business of its Trading section.

Our members have 20 years of experience in global commodity trading within North America, Europe, Black Sea region, Mediterranian region, North Africa, Middle East, India and China.  And since 2010, we are operating in the paper market within the Black Sea region, Caspian Sea region, Eastern Mediterranian and Eastern Europe.

Aurora Papers is founded as a result of the continuous efforts of our team to grow and expand their business, for serving the British market and Western regions of the globe.


Aurora Papers is a business area of Aurora Interior Design & Trade, which is founded in Canterbury, UK in 2018. Main purpose of Aurora Papers is to trade in the entire globe by using the wide experience of the team, where profitable and sustainable business relations are available.


To supply its clients required papers in the most efficient way so as to provide a profitable business environment.


To create an entrepreneurial environment that stimulates extraordinary performance and to be one of the premier trading companies in paper wholesale market in UK, driven by strict adherence to our core values.


  • To be the preferred supplier of paper in the market by offering competitive pricing and value-added services across the range of our offerings;
  • To develop and manage strong business relationships with our existing and potential customers;
  • To be the preferred partner to our suppliers in business development;
  • To be socially and environmentally responsible and give back to our community.

Aurora Papers and Trade Ltd., Registered 12098115, 151 West Green Road, London N15 5EA, England